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Manpower and Guards

As a Next-Generation Security Provider, our success hinges entirely on the team of officers deployed to protect you, your staff and your property. Talbot Security will not settle for second best or put Security Officers out into the streets, whom are not trained or competent.

Talbot Security Group Officers

Talbot Security Group has set ourselves to be leaders in employment and training of security officers. We will provide a stable and enjoyable working environment for our team, and thus ensure we are effectively able to retain their skill sets for longer. Talbot Security will provide to you, officers who earn above the average wage rate of their peers working in similar conditions elsewhere.

Talbot Security feel that through first hand experience the training we require our staff to undertake is not only far superior, but it is also a requirement of their continued employment that all aspects of training must be passed, not just attended.

Talbot Security Group Officer Training Programme (level one: First 12 months)

  • Demonstrate knowledge required for working in the security industry
  • What is a professional security officer (dress, bearing and public perception)
  • Understanding and implementing the Law
  • St Johns first aid course. NZQA L2
  • Fire Extinguisher training
  • Tactical Communication (C.E.R.T SYSTEMS NZ)
  • Self Defence training
  • Emergency management
  • Risk management
  • NZQA L2 + units 27360 – 27361 – 2736


Talbot Security Group ltd (TSG.ltd) is a licensed security company and all our staff are fully vetted and licensed under the Private Security Personnal and Private Investigators Act 2010.


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