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Hostile Environment Training Course (HETC)

This course has been designed for people that have an ex-military background or have completed the Close Protection Officers course with TSG.Ltd. A clean police background check is an essential requirement to attend this training course.

What you will learn:

  • Working in Hazardous, Remote and Challenging Environments
  • Firearms Training
  • Marksmanship principles
  • Weapon handling tests
  • Patrolling by foot and vehicle
  • Reaction shooting
  • 2 and 4 Man foot and vehicle drills
  • Surveillance Awareness
  • Break Contact Drills

​This is a 21 day course and accommodation and main meals are included in the course package.

To apply for this course, please email us your details

Hostile Environment Awareness & Travel Safety Training

Training Specialist Group (TSG) offers a superior level of Security Training never before found inside New Zealand. Our training team comes with years of military and civilian backed training and associated course completions. It will provide you with the most advanced/realistic training available from instructors with real world experience.
Training Specialist Group run specialised training packages designed to help your personnel survive when heading into countries that may be deemed as Hostile Environments. Our H.E.A.T course is designed to prepare your organisation and personnel to be able to work and operate in unfamiliar or high risk environments. The course will prepare your personnel for the challenges they may encounter in any environment. Realistic scenarios and role-playing will demonstrate practical SKILLS AND responses to a verity of situations. We will give them the confidence and skills to be able to work and travel in any region of the world, that they find themselves deploying to.

H.E.A.T Course content & duration

• Personal Safety & Awareness
• Conflict Management
• Self Defence
• Communications

• Immediate Action Drills
• Intro to Mines & IEDs
• Convoy planning – Checkpoints/roadblocks
• Practical Survival skills
• Medical/trauma management
• Emergency First Aid
• Firearm awarrness
• Kidnap and Hostage training
• What to expect in captivity
• Cultural sensitivity training


Course fees $1649.00 + gst 4 days – includes meals & accommodation.
Venue – TSG has multiple training areas and live firing ranges located throughout Mid Canterbury.
Fully insured with public liability insurance.
Licensed NZ Security Company.

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