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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the services Talbot Security Group provides, or if you would like to receive a free no obligation quote. Contact details for our three Canterbury branches are detailed below, or you may wish to use our contact form to contact us.

Head Office – Ashburton Branch

62c Dobson Street
PO Box 5049, Ashburton
Phone: 03 307 2409

Timaru Branch

PO Box 5049, Timaru
021 256 8263

Christchurch Branch

021 2568 263

For Home Minder Patrols, email your details and we will phone you back to confirm you are on the list.

Talbot Security Group – Total Security Solutions

Brief History

Based in Ashburton New Zealand, Talbot Security Group is an independent company that has steadily grown since its founding in 2007, reaching several clients around New Zealand, establishing joint ventures with government agencies, corporate companies and over 1200 local business and Homes around Mid Canterbury. Our collective experience has trained our personal to become creative problem solvers. Our Team analyse all issues, motivations, risks, threats and the desired outcome. We believe that true success comes for working with time tested principles, integrity, resilience, high energy, team work and customer service.

Talbot Security Group’s evolution came about through first hand experiences both within the industry and also just as importantly as a Customer using security services within my own business. We had identified within the security industry a number of failings that we believe are largely responsible for the perception of the security industry as being seen by the majority of business owners as a necessary, but avoidable, evil. It is our plan to show through our own visions and deliveries that there is another view that can be embraced, the view that security can assist, will help and is there for you.

I have set, and will stand by the simple principal that we at Talbot Security Group can identify with each and every Client, not just at a business level, but also at a personal level.  We promise to provide, and maintain a regular and personal level of communication at all levels of our service. Talbot Security Group was never established with backing or support from larger third parties or institutions based offshore. We are a self -funded 100% local enterprise that holds dear to our survival the simple fact that each and every time we provide a service for you it simply must be done to the absolute best of our ability.

I sincerely hope that you will find this presentation of the Talbot Security Group as exciting as we see it. There is a new future in the provision of security manpower services and I look forward to bringing this to you with the Talbot Family and myself.

Yours faithfully
Dean Talbot