Training Specialist Group

Training Specialist Group (TSG) offers a superior level of Security Training never before found inside New Zealand. Our training team comes with years of military and civilian backed training and associated course completions. It will provide you with the most advanced/realistic training available from instructors with real world experience.

The Security Training Programmes, cover the essential knowledge, Skill-sets and Mind-sets required for men and woman seeking professional employment in the security industry and other related sectors. 

Three Main Courses that are run;​​
  • Security Officer Training
  • Close Protection Officer Course (CPO)
  • Hostile Environment Training Course (HETC)  


Anyone who is looking at working in the security industry in New Zealand, or looking at deployment opportunities over seas. 

Other Training Courses we offer

  • Security Officer Training
  • Close Protection Officer Training 
  • Self Defence & CQB Training
  • Tactical Communication
  • Travel Safety and Security
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T)
  • Pre-Deployments Training
  • Firearms Training & Handling
  • Working in Hostile Environment Training Course