Dean Talbot – Director

In Dean’s own words he sums his dedication to the success of "Talbot Security Group" be saying
I have used my own name in this, so it does not get much more personal than that”.

With over nine years of military specialised service behind him and recently another 12 years operating his own business in Ashburton, Dean comes to the table offering local knowledge, business understanding and specialised skill sets. Dean is heavily involved in local community groups such as the Ashburton Rotary Club, and a trustee in the Ashburton Youth Institute (a local youth at risk programme). Dean has had over 30 years of self defence training and Muay Thai kick boxing and currently also provides to local groups a range of courses such as the anti-rape awareness course. In 2010 Dean was recognized for his achievements in Business, and was nominated for Manager of the year and won an award. TSG was also nominated and also won an award for New Business of the year.

Reuben Darrell - Operations Manager

Reuben has 13 years military experience primarily within security, investigational and training roles. He is a qualified Military Police Investigator, has had training in Health and Safety, Conflict Resolution, Tactical Communications and NZ Police Investigative Interviewing. Reuben is very well adapt at locating and interpreting information within various Acts and Regulations and is very good at dealing with people in any situation. He has seen service in East Timor, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Solomon Islands which among other things, has seen him become very culturally diverse.